Our decisions and direction is guided by our experience working hands-on with all of our projects.  We started small by creating the code that ran many of our initial websites and apps, and have spent time learning and configuring the systems we now manage.

The iCita process continually draws on our past experience working on many platforms throughout our long history. Technology has changed and advanced over the years, and we've worked on many web and CRM platforms, some more exciting than others.  There is a common thread of usability and functionality depending on the system.  CRMs and donor management platforms behave in one general fashion, whereas marketing automation continues down another path.  In the end they all strive to be fast, easy, smart and functional.   We work on the following types of platforms: 

 Content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal

 Ecommerce systems and secure processes

 Customer relationship management systems

 Donor management systems

 Custom cloud-based systems

 Marketing automation systems

 Email/Communication platforms

Tried and true