iCita was founded over 18 years ago as a strategic leadership and marketing partner.  Our work with non-profits is extensive, and our success in the for-profit sector is outstanding.

iCita (pronounced eye-SEE-ta) is a strategic consulting partner focused on cloud-based technologies and online solutions in both marketing and technology. iCita llc is based in Colorado and was founded in Boulder - at the heart of the technology industry in the region.

Sustainable business relationships. 

Initially, iCita started with an initiative to build websites that exceeded our customers' expectations. But that has grown. We now include responsive design, custom development, application development, CRM administration, marketing strategy, and IT project management.  We are experts as applying our clients' requirements and goals to deliver the results beyond their goals.

  • Cloud IT and Marketing strategy
  • Responsive web design and development
  • CRM Support for Salesforce, Pardot, Blackbaud, Hubspot, Donor Perfect and more
  • KPI development
  • SEO organization and target audience definition 
  • Content management solutions
  • Event and media processes
  • Ecommerce solutions


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